About Us

Who We Are

Emerald Chemicals, Inc. (ECI) has been serving the Philippine industries since 1971. Its main business activity is distribution of basic industrial chemicals that are being used by almost all industries in the country. It also formulates special preparation and concentration chemicals as value-added service to its customers. ECI owns and maintain a plant/warehouse located in Valenzuela City. It is where the company maintains its own facilities for formulation, storage, maintenance, laboratory and warehouse, as well as its fleet of dedicated delivery facilities.

What We Do

We aim to be your Total Solution Provider. We do not only supply chemicals, but we aim to supply the chemical formulation that our customers can readily and conveniently use based on their requirements. We also help our customers thrive in their business by giving them technical support, assistance in inventory planning and management, product development services, as well as warehousing, logistics and disposal services.

Our mission is to build strong partnership with our customers by providing them with the highest quality and value-added chemicals, committed and innovative services to respond to the growing and changing needs of the Philippine market. We are dedicating all our efforts to the interest of our customers, employees and shareholders. With this mission, we will contribute to the development of the Philippine economy, giving service to the Filipino people.

Emerald Chemicals, Inc. is committed to be a leading world-class Filipino company providing industrial chemicals and related products and services.

  • Emerald Chemicals, Inc. is a company composed of quality conscious people, committed to provide quality chemical products and services to all its business partners.
  • Through continuous research, development and improvement in our processes, we do not only supply the chemical requirement of our customers, but we strive to offer them convenient and ready to use products that are specially-made to suit their needs.
  • Total continuous improvement leads to quality work, quality products and quality services resulting to superior customer satisfaction.